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SMILE interns from Manthan to visit Sullamussalam

 |  27-Sep-2019

A team of ten girl students and three staff from Manthan Sikshak Sansthan, an alternative education initiative in Kotri village of remote Rajasthan will be visiting Sullamussalam Science College, Areekode, as part of the SMILE 2019 between 29 September to 6 October 2019.

SMILE (Sullamussalam-Manthan Integrated Learning Exchange Programme) is a cultural exchange initiative of by Sullamussalam Science College and Manthan, an NGO which works on empowering marginalized and excluded communities in 60 villages of Ajmer and Nagaur districts of Rajasthan.

The interns from Manthan, who are pursuing their high school studies, will be spending one-week time at the campus interacting with the campus community and experiencing the tradition, culture and uniqueness of our state. They will be visiting the departments, nearby schools and anganawadis and interacting with the staff and students to experience the educational system in the state.

Designed as a national cultural exchange programme, the SMILE project was launched last year and 11 students and two staff from Sullamussalam Science College spent 10 days in Rajasthan villages exploring their culture and observing socio-economic conditions there.